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Galaxy Star from Remembrance! by CrystalCadenza
Galaxy Star from Remembrance!

So Ashley H was doing a Remembrance casting call for Galaxy Star cause her other VA left or something (I actually did not watch the whole video so I have no idea why xD) But yeah I decided to submit an audition last minute cause it's what I do best xD (due date is September 21st a.k.a. tomorrow sorry to the people who want to audition and have two hours) This is a little drawing of Galaxy I made with FireAlpaca I'll be using in my Galaxy Star audition video going up on my channel sometime soon. Already sent the email to Ashley so no worries. xD Pretty proud of this one overall.

All art is mine except for cutie mark/galaxyish star thingy. It is by Shiningstar112 on Roblox…

See you next time!

P.S. The casting announcement for my project Surprise will be going up very soon as well as an update video about The Trust of a Friend, a possible YouTube upload schedule, and BronyCon, so stay tuned for that!
P.P.S. Channel is Sunlestia and so is all other social media cause I'm so so creative xD
Good news, y'all! I am going to be voicing Celestia in a DiscordxCelestia audio drama by :iconkenzieva:! Here is the information video if you want to audition!
Cause Tomorrow Spring is Here - Digitalized! by CrystalCadenza
Cause Tomorrow Spring is Here - Digitalized!
First time drawing using FireAlpaca! It is a digital version of the traditional drawing I submitted before:

Thanks to the amazing :iconpigzfairy: for showing me how to use the software because I was too lazy to look for tutorials xD
Officially finished episode one of The Trust of a Friend! Eighteen pages of fanfic and eight pages of script. Woot woot! And it includes a song sung by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash called "Hope"


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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Princess Cadence RP!

Check me out on:

Instagram -
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I am known as Sunlestia everywhere else because Celestia is best pony. Discord is best MLP character. I ship Dislestia. Deal with it. XD

I'm mostly into digital and traditional, as well as literature. I only discovered I could draw traditional a month ago. XD

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I actually didn't buy the cake badge with points; I have no idea why I have it xD

And no problem!
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iamli3 Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2016
being blocked im not able to respond to your comment on that person's image

as for what it was about , idk it's such an old comment i've forgotten and i don't see any other images by that person that i would have commented on that might talk more about whatever conversation that was so i can figure out what transpired , and same goes for… , he still has his images up but it looks like he's disabled all comments , so whatever was said 3 years ago wont be found on his uploads , perhaps the wayback machine might have an archive of it , but im not going to try to search for that......

but from having glanced at his old images again , i think i might have made some comments about his octavia mafia thing he did there for a bit , and if i did i probably mentioned how i don't like ponies with guns , maybe i might have though that his character dynamic in his tumbler he was doing wasn't working well , but that's about all i can think of....
CrystalCadenza Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What? I'm sorry, but I'm very confused.
iamli3 Featured By Owner May 27, 2016
you replied to my comment on here…
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